Blue-Green Algae Alert remains for Curlwaa, Green for Buronga

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16 November 2023

Warmer conditions have started to increase the blue-green algal numbers with an Amber Alert current for Curlwaa and Green Alert for Buronga.

An Amber Alert indicates that blue-green algae may be multiplying, and the water may have a green tinge and musty or organic taste and odour. The water should be considered as unsuitable for potable use and alternative supplies or prior treatment of raw water for domestic purposes should be considered. The water may also be unsuitable for stock watering. Generally suitable for water sports, however people are advised to exercise caution in these areas, as blue-green algal concentrations can rise to red alert levels quickly under warm, calm weather.

Blue-green algae occur naturally at low numbers. A Green Alert indicates that at these concentrations, algae would not normally be visible, however some species may affect taste and odour of water even at low numbers and does not pose any problems for recreational, stock or household use.

Please go to WaterNSW website for more information:

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