Keeping your details up to date

If you are the owner and any of your details change, please let us know. Remember, it is your responsibility to keep us informed.


Change in Postal Address

If the address you want your water bill mailed to changes, please complete the Customer Contact Information form below. You can complete the form online or select the PDF version to print out form.

Change in mobile numbers and e-mail details
If your mobile numbers or e-mail addresses have changed for:

  • The owner.
  • Billing details.
  • On-farm management contact details.

Please complete the Customer Contact Information form below.

Change of direct debit details
If you’d like to change your current Direct Debit details or cancel your payments, please contact the Office.
Ph: 5027 4953
We will need five working days to process the change.

Change of name
If your name has changed, please provide us with an official document such as a copy of your marriage certificate, driver’s licence or passport.
You will need to do this in person at our Dareton Office, or provide a copy by post, fax or e-mail.