Placing and adhering to water orders

Western Murray Irrigation uses a sophisticated internet-based water ordering system to pump and deliver water throughout the three irrigation areas.


A customer must place an order on this system prior to water being taken irrespective of time of the year, water demand, or any other factor. They must also ensure they are operating within the parameters of the order to ensure the system is not overburdened.

These parameters are:

  • Start and end watering within the period of the order.
  • The litres per second ordered.
  • Customers must extend an order before taking water beyond the scope of their original order.

Customers may also cancel or shorten their order. It is important that water orders are cancelled if not needed as water order records are used to calculate water use in the event of an estimate being required.

Outlet maintenance

Customers are not allowed to tamper with any outlet other than to keep the area free of weeds and debris and the regular cleaning of filters.

In the event of any problems with outlets please call the on-call officer on 0428 596 428 anytime and the operations team will be only too happy to assist.

On-farm storage

Western Murray Irrigation strives to deliver water 24 hours year round but cannot guarantee either the quantity or quality of water at any time.

All customers are required to have an on-site storage capacity of at least two weeks stock and garden needs.

Supply and drainage reserves

Customers are required to keep reserves clear and ensure plantings meet the required minimum distance from supply and drainage infrastructure. Before undertaking any property redevelopment please contact staff to ensure these conditions are met.


Customers are required to keep easement clear. However, easements do have the ability to be planted over in the case of works being required. Western Murray Irrigation will remove and replace existing plantings/structures as carefully as possible.

Deep Drainage Pits

Customers are responsible for any deep drainage inspection pits on their property.

Scour valves

Scour valves are the property of Western Murray Irrigation and should not be tampered with.

Clearances from WMI Infrastructure

Customers are required to notify WMI of any proposed works near WMI infrastructure. WMI may be required to identify the location of infrastructure and authorise and inspect any proposed works.

The minimum distance to be maintained from the outside edge of WMI’s infrastructure is 3 metres.

The minimum distance when crossing over WMI pipes is 300mm vertically with a minimum of 600mm cover.

Care must also be taken when moving or storing heavy equipment/machinery.

The full Clearances Policy is available on the WMI website.

Remember, if you are considering developing or undertaking works on your property, contact WMI to discuss clearances to protect WMI infrastructure and avoid service disruption and costs.

 Customers will be held accountable for any damage inflicted to WMI infrastructure.

View full Clearances Policy here