Western Murray Irrigation delivers high-security irrigation water and drainage services.

Also supplying non-potable stock &garden water to customers.


Delivering Irrigation Water

Western Murray Irrigation owns and manages approximately $49 million of fully piped and pressurised infrastructure assets across 3 irrigation areas of Buronga, Coomealla and Curlwaa.

In each area, water is pumped from the Murray River and distributed to users via a network of pressurised pipelines.

Western Murray Irrigation has already taken significant steps to modernise its infrastructure and governance and is committed to meet the high global demand for Australia’s premium food and wine through the long-term sustainable growth of its water delivery services.

Customer Agreements

Customer Agreements

As part of Western Murray Irrigation’s Constitution, a customer must be a party to a current Water Entitlement (where relevant) and Water Delivery Agreement.

These agreements can be found here:

These agreements require the customer to comply with Western Murray Irrigations’ General Conditions and Transfer Rules Policy:

Ordering Water

All irrigation customers are required to place water orders before delivery.

This ensures the efficient and effective operation of the supply and drainage systems.

Water orders can be done easily online through an automated telephone system by calling (03) 5027 4526 or calling into the Western Murray Irrigation office.

Stock and garden customers are not required to place water orders but must maintain at least 2 weeks storage at any one time on their land.