Western Murray Irrigation owns and manages 70km of drainage pipelines.

Drainage water generated on-farm is delivered to designated disposal areas via Western Murray Irrigation’s drainage network.


Flood management

Western Murray Irrigation is responsible for maintaining the Buronga and Curlwaa levee banks.

Independent inspections of the levee banks are carried out every 3-5 years with Western Murray Irrigation operations staff conducting regular maintenance and inspection every year.


Western Murray Irrigation carefully monitors and manages the environment in its area of operation.

This includes observing, measuring, managing and reporting on river water volume pumped, calibration of pump meters, salinity, diversions to individual landholdings, flood management, wetlands, surface water drainage and groundwater as well as maintaining a chemical control and contingency plan and pollution incident response management plan.

Our environmental programs, which aim to exceed our environmental obligations, demonstrate our commitment to ensuring that our operations do not impact negatively on the environment.