David WalkerNon-Member Director

    Director since: August 2018
    Current term of office expires: November 2024

    Skills, experience & expertise:  David is a Certified Practising Accountant and is currently a Partner for Business Services (Tax & Accounting) with Findex in Mildura. He is also Secretary for the Euston Co-operative Rural Society Ltd which comprises around 60 table grape growers covering 1,600 acres at Euston, NSW. The Co-op’s primary function is to deliver water from the River Murray via high-pressure pipeline to the growers for irrigation purposes. David oversees the financial and administrative functions of the Co-op and has held that position since 1994.

    Board Committee membership: Chair of the Audit, Risk, Finance & Investments Committee, a member of the Remuneration & Governance Committee and a member of the Charges Review Project Special Purpose Committee.